Traditional Sash & Casement Wooden Window Repairs

A complete system for repairing rotten windows and doors using the window care dry flex system.

The Window Care Dry Flex RP System is specially designed for exterior application and formulated to provide durable repairs.

The Characteristics of Dry Flex RP is just like wood.

Dry Flex RP can be planed, sawn, drilled, routed, nailed and screwed like wood.

Dry Flex RP can be painted with all types of solvent and water based decorative paints and wood stain.

Replace loose/cracked putty with Linseed Oil Putty or Window Care Elastic Glazing Compound.

Professional Sash Cord Repair Service, including replacement of sash weights, pulleys, sash lifts, spiral balances and any window hardware.

Re-glazing and upgrading wood windows with double glazed units.

We offer a complete service of draught-proofing.

In our own workshop we hand make all new joinery for sash, casement windows and doors. Each and every window is individually bespoke to your house.

Wooden sash and casement window repairs in Gravesend and Medway Towns.

Wooden Sash & Casement Window Repairs – Gravesend and Medway Towns

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